The Re-Re-Rebirth of Talking Reckless

Hi there and welcome back to Talking Reckless!

Just under a year ago, the Talking Reckless studio put the plywood back over its broken windows and turned the generator off one final time. We spent the next ten months wandering the globe, searching the far flung reaches of this earth for the secret of podcasting. We’re now ready to emerge from those flames – tempered and harder than before. Much harder.

We’ve been doing this podcast, in one form or another, for over ten years. Many of our listeners have been with us since day one and we’ve made plenty of new friends along the way. Every listener, both new and old, means the world to us and it’s for them (you?) that we’ve once more gone to the drawing board and tried to evolve Talking Reckless into the show you deserve.

If you’re a regular listener, you’re going to notice some changes with the show. Some you’ll notice right away, some won’t become apparent for a few months. Change is scary but – DON’T PANIC. We’ll still be packing too many people into a cramped and smelly basement every week to discuss the latest and greatest in gaming. Everything we do is in service to the listener – if you hear something you don’t agree with we’re always just a short email away at . Your feedback matters and has a very direct impact on the direction of the show. We’re going to try some new, fun things here and there and over 2017 the show will hopefully become something more than just a part time hobby.

We’re also bringing some new ambitions to the table. They aren’t quite ready for reveal just yet but in the past we’ve done some fun stuff like spoilercasts, eleven hour live streams, and even the odd live video podcast or two. We want to do more of that interesting stuff and are slowly putting systems in place to allow us to do it. More details soon.

Whether you’re a seasoned listener or new to the show thank you for listening and we can’t wait to unleash these machinations on an unsuspecting world – I mean show you the cool stuff we’ve been working on.

Look for our first episode back April 3, 2017. We’ll see you then!



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