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TR 302 – The Next Xbox is Called Xbox

We’ve got a bit more info about the upcoming Xbox Series X, thoughts on Red Dead Online’s Moonshiner update, back button attachments for the PS4 and news about what might be more Star Wars games from Respawn!
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TR 300 – Riot Settles

Riot has settled their gender discrimination lawsuit, Super Mario Maker 2 adds Link, Xbox’s codename Lockhart seems more real than ever before, Red Dead 2 online is still totally frigged and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is pretty good.
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We reconvene with Talking Reckless alumni GassyMexican and DanzNewz as we take this show on the online road and talk about what really matters. Planet Zoo. Also, the next chapter in the Pitchford Chronicles, Sony opens up crossplay, and Red Dead 2 is coming to PC!
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TR 290 – Splay the Sire

The undead are rising in Red Dead 2 online, Rockstar has launched a launcher, Sirfetch’d has brought true happiness to all our lives, Fire Emblem’s DLC has leaked and the E3 is getting “queuetainment” and “creating FOMO”.
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To Mend and Defend – TR 273

We’ve got Super Mario Maker 2 details, the latest on Sony and Microsoft’s new partnership, the Red Dead 2 spring update, a new candidate for Warchief of The Horde and an obsession with the cartoon ReBoot and just won’t quit.
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Video Games are Dead – TR Podcast 243

It’s been a heck of a rough week for game developers, namely Telltale and Capcom Vancouver, but we’re still discussing Red Dead 2 online, Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s alternate ending and the newly announced Playstation Classic.
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