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Remember Digimon? So do we…sort of. Also up for discussion is the Outriders demo, details on the new 4K Switch, the death of E3 2021, upcoming (terrible) changes to Marvel’s Avengers and the purchasing of the Fall Guy’s studio by Epic in this weekly gaming podcast.
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The Fornite World Cup – TR 283

The Fortnite World Cup has awarded $900 trillion in prizes, single-handedly destroying the world economy, Nintendo is finally fixing Joy-con drift, loot boxes have been classified as ‘not gambling’ and the internet crazies think Bully 2 might be on the way.
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It HAS To Have a Kickstand – TR 281

The Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced and surely, it HAS to have a kickstand! We’re also talking about the upcoming new Lord of the Rings MMO, Gears 5 (and Netflix’s) removal of smoking, Creative Assembly’s upcoming what sounds like a hero-shooter and a whole host of other video game tangential ramblings.
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