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Mario Golf: Super Rush is here, Dead Space is getting a remake, Remedy is working on Control spin-offs, Elden Ring is confirmed as a Dark Souls sequel and Kevin hits the World of Warcraft lottery in this weekly gaming podcast.
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ManaTank Podcast – 10/10/2011

Dark Souls consumes our morals, Mass Effect gets co-op and Swag attempts to cut a finger off live on the air. Plus more on BF3’s crappy textures, the continuing of the “used game debate” and a few tidbits on the next-gen Microsoft console. Continue reading ManaTank Podcast – 10/10/2011

ManaTank Podcast – 9/25/2011

We find out what Swag knows about stabbing pirates in the face (via Dark Souls), the Battlefield 3 beta and The Old Republic [Star Wars] release date and pricing. This is the birth of DinnerDangles! Continue reading ManaTank Podcast – 9/25/2011