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TR 354 – Battle Bots

Welcome back to the world’s premier robot fighting podcast! We got your wedges, we got your spinners, we got your hammers and we got your knight torsos with flamethrowers! We’ve also got rumors that Starfield may launch this year, Project Athia gets named Forspoken, and a new Life is Strange is coming and the season of delays begins in this weekly gaming podcast.
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TR 333 – Senpai Needs a Nap

Amazon has announced it’s game streaming service Luna, Ubisoft continues to be an absolute burning tire-fire of sexual abuse and toxic leadership complaints, Bethesda is bringing it all to game pass and rumors of that Mass Effect remaster continue to swirl.
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The PS5 launch date and price has been revealed, Microsoft is buying Bethesda (?!?!), Mario 64 is still 3:4, Xbox All Access financing seems too good to be true, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds seems bad as we prepare to charge the pre-order trenches once more.
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Skyrim Cast – 11/13/2011

There is a load of Skyrim to discuss, and discuss it we do. Also on the list: Modern Warfare 3, Metal Gear HD Collection and the connection between blood magic and heroin.
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