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TR 333 – Senpai Needs a Nap

Amazon has announced it’s game streaming service Luna, Ubisoft continues to be an absolute burning tire-fire of sexual abuse and toxic leadership complaints, Bethesda is bringing it all to game pass and rumors of that Mass Effect remaster continue to swirl.
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The PS5 launch date and price has been revealed, Microsoft is buying Bethesda (?!?!), Mario 64 is still 3:4, Xbox All Access financing seems too good to be true, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds seems bad as we prepare to charge the pre-order trenches once more.
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Skyrim Cast – 11/13/2011

There is a load of Skyrim to discuss, and discuss it we do. Also on the list: Modern Warfare 3, Metal Gear HD Collection and the connection between blood magic and heroin.
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