ManaTank Podcast

ManaTank Podcast – 1/22/2012

Massive skateboarders, 1999, Bioshock: Infinite and Resident Evil 6 are all on the chopping block as we travel through time to a land where podcasts are recorded in the afternoon.
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ManaTank Podcast – 1/16/2012

We’re back from our super-sized New Year’s show hangovers and ready to talk some games. On the bill: PlayStation 4, rampant piracy and the possibility of no next generation consoles.
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ManaTank Podcast – Live Year End Show Extravaganza

This is too much podcast for any one person to handle!
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ManaTank Podcast – 12/29/2011

Swag rejoins us as we discuss a teensy bit more SWTOR, N-Controller’s amazingly dire PR situation, infinite Kanye loops and Half-Life 3 website trolling.
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The ManaTank Podcast Live Year End Show Extravaganza

The end of 2011 is right around the corner and we figured it would be a great idea to set up a camera, drink an unsafe amount of liquor and decide our game of the year awards live and on the air.
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ManaTank Podcast – 12/18/2011

BioWare’s own Associate Recruiter, Ashley steps in this week to help us discuss the fine points of The Old Republic, pineapple slicing and the apparent death of Kim Jong Il. Also discussed: the Wii U’s incredibly high retail cost, Skyrim’s success and emails from Pet
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ManaTank Podcast – 12/11/2011

Craig returns to once again fill the four hole as we discuss the VGAs, Metal Gear: Rising, Dead Rising 3 and other games ending in Rising.
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ManaTank Podcast – 12/4/2011

We’re left with a Swag shaped hole in our hearts this week. One that is adequately filled by podcast newcomer, Craig. Our verbal diarrhea gravitates towards moon-walking dragons, Pokemon segregation and hidden VHS tapes.
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Manatank Podcast – 11/28/2011

The totally on-time and never tardy crew is coming at you from a whole new set up. Topics of discussion include Max’s carnal MineCon adventures, the truth behind MGS 5, being in the shadows of colossi and, somewhat unsurprisingly, 70’s pornos.
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ManaTank Podcast – 11/20/2011

Eric Pederson fills in for Max this week and the conversation strays (inevitably) towards a tiny bit more Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Revalations, next gen Xboxs, Metal Gear 5s, and windowless ice-cream trucks.
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Skyrim 1.4 Update Now Live

Skyrim Cast – 11/13/2011

There is a load of Skyrim to discuss, and discuss it we do. Also on the list: Modern Warfare 3, Metal Gear HD Collection and the connection between blood magic and heroin.
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ManaTank Podcast – 11/6/2011 (Fixed)

An assortment of toques, GTA Vs, Dead Island sequels and Skyrims pave the way for epic conversation and Max related hate-mail. Plus varying opinions on Uncharted 3 and a lot of yelling “No, no, no, no!”
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