ManaTank Podcast – 12/30/2012

A deep heartfelt apology to all the fans as this will be the last ManaTank podcast ever recorded this year. Assassin’s Creed III, Ed Harris and our Christmas malarkey – all inside!
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ManaTank Podcast – 12/16/2012

Journey, Space Pirates and Zombies, the crap-your-pants-dice and the real reason behind Eric’s love of beef sticks. Video game podcast.
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ManaTank Podcast – 12/9/2012

Martinis, the Spike Video Game Awards, Phantom Pain and full Sam Jackson mode on the most uncut dope video game podcast ever.
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ManaTank Podcast – 12/2/2012

Far Cry 3, To The Moon, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition and the not-so-humble bundle in the only video game podcast that wants to know: DO YOU EVEN LIFT?
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The Walking Dead – Episode 5 Spoilercast

All great things come to an end. Even the endless string of kicks to the emotional balls that The Walking Dead Episode 5 put us through.
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ManaTank Podcast – 11/26/2012

Hitman: Absolution (see also: hilarious puns), Zombi-U, and the novelty sized Wii U pad. Clever video game podcast jargon, witty closing etc.
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ManaTank Podcast – 11/18/2012

Towns, The Old Republic Free to Play and questions about duck-sized horses in this bite-size edition of the lowest trans-fat video game podcast in the Northern United States.
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halo 4 master chief

ManaTank Podcast – 11/11/2012

The crew redefines the meaning of the word short with a lengthy discourse on the finer points of Halo 4, The Game of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed 3, and reverse movie theater racism in the latest edition of the ManaTank Video Game Podcast
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ManaTank Podcast – 11/4/2012

Artorias of the Abyss, James Bond and fart noises aplenty as the greatest Aerosmith cover band / video game podcast in the world returns.
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Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise

ManaTank Podcast – 10/29/2012

History is made when Eric, Kev, and Swag find a pair of empty shoes laying around and take it upon themselves to fill said shoes with talk of FTL, PS All-Stars, Naughty Bear 2, and the real possibility of a disturbing substance osmosing it’s way onto your face. All that and mo
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The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Spoilercast

All things Walking Dead Episode 4. Mad spoilers here, bro. Mad spoilers.
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ManaTank Podcast – 10/22/2012

The totally on-time and never tardy video game podcast is back with The Walking Dead Episode 4 and extreme amounts of rage-ahol.
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