ManaTank Podcast – 3/31/2013

The worst junior football team in the league is back – talking mess about BioShock: Infinite and Super Black Bass 3D.
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ManaTank Podcast – 3/24/2013

The gang is back, talkin’ mess about God of War: Ascension, Fire Emblem Awakening and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.
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ManaTank Podcast – 3/10/2013

We talk about Tomb Raider and then we talk about Sim City. AND THEN WE TALK ABOUT SIM CITY.
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ManaTank Podcast – 3/3/2013

Star Conflict, Path of Exile, and the anticipation of games to come. Oh and the hits like, you know, NHL 09 and Mercenaries 2.
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ManaTank Podcast – 2/24/2013

Metal Gear Rising, the Playstation 4, Watch Dogs, Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and probably some other stuff that I totally can’t remember right now.
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ManaTank Podcast – 2/19/2013

Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokemon Black 2 and Nerd Olympics 2013. Oh, and Yu-Gi-Oh 17D3P or something like that.
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ManaTank Podcast – 2/11/2013

Dead Space, Surgeon Simulator 2013 and an odd excitement for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds or something like that.
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tiny tina

ManaTank Podcast – 2/3/2013

A technical sanfu leaves the first half of the show hanging somewhere in the ethereal nothingness, but take it from us, it was awesome. Racist Tiny Tina, the PlayStation 4, and our worst ever car accidents make up the surviving half of the show.
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Ni no Kuni

ManaTank Podcast – 1/27/2013

Eric, Oliver, and Kevin attempt to keep the ship afloat with talks of Ni no Kuni, MGR: Revengence, and The Unfinished Swan while Matt is out “nursing a migraine”.
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ManaTank Podcast – 1/21/2013

We’re nursing our New Years sized hangovers and spitting hot rhymes about DmC: Devil May Cry and CES 2013.
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The ManaTank 2012 New Years Show

The video stream is available on the website under video archives.
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ManaTank Podcast – 1/6/2013

Our New Year’s resolutions, poo-pooing games and a whole lot of Dora the Explorer games start our 2013 not with a bang but with a shabang. And don’t forget about our live year end show on January 12th, 2013 – 7pm MST.
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