Talking Reckless is a full-time endeavor is supported by the generosity of our audience. Donations/patreon subscriptions go directly to paying cost of living and improving our streaming equipment (better/more cameras, mics, mixers and hardware) so we can do bigger things, with more people, more often and have it look and sound incredible.

Where Should You Support?

We now have many different methods for supporting the show – the Twitch platform (subscriptions and bits), Patreon, and donations. Here’s the breakdown of what percentage goes to the show.

Patreon – 95% goes to the podcast

Patreon takes a flat 5%, making it the best way to support. Supporting here unlocks a variety of extra content based on what Patreon tier is pledged.

Donating – 90%-95% goes to the podcast

Donations are processed through Streamlabs and Paypal which take a small fee for each transaction. Supporting here works towards unlocking additional stream goal content which is publicly available for everyone.

Twitch – 50%-70% goes to the podcast

Twitch takes, in same cases, half of every subscription and bit donation. Supporting here unlocks emotes for the Twitch chat.


Thank you for supporting the show, helping us to create new types of content and keeping us on the air every day!