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TR 355 – Operation Drumstick

Xbox Live is dead, long live the Xbox network! We’ve got some tidbits on Battlefield 2021, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s new multiplayer mode, Alan Wake 2 rumors and the largest cheat selling operation bust in history in this weekly gaming podcast!
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TR 354 – Battle Bots

Welcome back to the world’s premier robot fighting podcast! We got your wedges, we got your spinners, we got your hammers and we got your knight torsos with flamethrowers! We’ve also got rumors that Starfield may launch this year, Project Athia gets named Forspoken, and a new Life is Strange is coming and the season of delays begins in this weekly gaming podcast.
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Remember Digimon? So do we…sort of. Also up for discussion is the Outriders demo, details on the new 4K Switch, the death of E3 2021, upcoming (terrible) changes to Marvel’s Avengers and the purchasing of the Fall Guy’s studio by Epic in this weekly gaming podcast.
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TR 351 – Irony is Dead

Irony finally gives up the ghost as Metallica is muted at their own Blizzcon concert, Diablo II Resurrected is announced, Spaltoon 3 is briefly shown, new Pokemon games are announced and BioWare says farewell to Anthem in this weekly gaming podcast.
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