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ManaTank Podcast – 10/10/2011

Dark Souls consumes our morals, Mass Effect gets co-op and Swag attempts to cut a finger off live on the air. Plus more on BF3’s crappy textures, the continuing of the “used game debate” and a few tidbits on the next-gen Microsoft console. Continue reading ManaTank Podcast – 10/10/2011

ManaTank Podcast – 10/2/2011

Roaring debates about Battlefield 3 betas, the used game market and Uncharted-Subway crossovers. Plus Gears of War 3, Playstation Long Live Play Teasers and new Xbox dashboards.
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ManaTank Podcast – 9/25/2011

We find out what Swag knows about stabbing pirates in the face (via Dark Souls), the Battlefield 3 beta and The Old Republic [Star Wars] release date and pricing. This is the birth of DinnerDangles! Continue reading ManaTank Podcast – 9/25/2011

ManaTank Podcast – 9/18/2011

An unusual amount of rambling, loads of PS Vita talk and some TGS news. Plus a usual amount of yelling, maniacal laughter and hypocrisy.
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ManaTank Podcast – 9/4/2011

The podcast devolves into madness as puns take control of emails, we talk ourselves hoarse about Deus Ex and Max regales us with his tales of Fighters x Shooters.

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ManaTank Podcast – 8/28/2011

We bring a special guest on this week to help us keep it leggie, and leggie is exactly what we keep it. Discussion may or may not relate to Quantum Conundrums, New Halo Trilogies and made up, yet awesome, words.
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ManaTank Podcast – 8/14/2011

Infinite Bioshock loops, Skyrim and DOTA 2 are all on the menu as the four greatest thespian appreciators of all time come together once more.

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