New Years 2015 Live Show

It’s eleven hours long. Buckle up.

Rocket League Solo Queue – 8/3/2015

THE WIZARD tackles the bronze solo queue Rocket League league.

The XCOM Drinking Game!

Well we couldn’t fight them sober… that would have just been unfair.


Hartford has never been the same since they lost the Whalers.

UVGC: Super Smash TV

Pat Sajak and the twins make their daring return to the world’s most violent game show – the Unnamed Video Game Challenge.

UVGC: Rock N’ Roll Racing

If we were half as good at racing as we are at name that tune…

UVGC: DBZ Hyper Dimension

As it was written; SO IT SHALL BE!

UVGC: Super Tennis

Put that deuce between my legs and let’s get tennising!

UVGC: Bust-A-Move

Tears were cried, curses cursed, but at the end of the day at least we got our moves busted.

2DGP: Forza 2 Horizon Presents Fast and Furious

Give me a line to drive on and a long enough gear shift and I could move the world…

UVGC: Aladdin

I can showwww you the worrrldddddddd…

2DGP: Slenderman: The Arrival

Never has owning a cheap video camera been so terrifying… or so hilarious.

2DPG: Life is Strange Episode 2

Hopefully the innocence of our youth will be preserved and we can go on solving sexting crimes forever.

2DGP: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Just two drunk ghost cops doing drunk ghost cop stuff – like shooting ghost guns and smoking those sweet, sweet, ghost cigarettes.

2DGP: D4

I can’t even begin to describe what the hell is happening here.

2DGP: Dragon Ball Xenoverse


2DGP: Thief

If it ain’t nailed down, it’s gonna end up in Garrett’s pockets.

2DGP: Evolve

Grab your khakis and throw on your best Aussie accent as Brando and Matt head deep into the space-jungle for some space hunting.

UVGC: Super Baseball 2020

It’s the Taipei Robots vs the Naples…Robots in this weird cyborg baseball hell we call 2020.

UVGC: Kirby’s Dream Course

This game makes about as much sense as you’d expect from a putt-putt game ft. Kirby.

UVGC: Top Gear

Who needs second, third and fourth when you can pop the clutch and kick it into Top Gear!

UVGC: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

Zitz, Rash and Pimple make their UVGC debut!

UVGC: Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition

This video game challenge, which to this day remains “nameless”, took a crack at Jeopardy!

2DGP: Life is Strange

Brando and Matt grab their beverages and sit down to contemplate the question we’re all trying to answer – is this about lesbians?

UVGC: Wild Guns

Reach fer the skies pilgrim. The Unnamed Video Game Challenge just stepped off the Pacific Line and is lookin’ fer trouble.

UVGC: Uniracers

Never before has the competitive uni-cycling league seen such fierce competition.

UVGC: Tetris Attack


UVGC: F-Zero

Captains Brandon and Matt Fabulous show you their moves.

UVGC: Donkey Kong Country

So they’re finally here, performing for you. If you know the words you can join in too!

UVGC: Star Fox

Even without a voice, Slippy is still kind of a tool.


This challenge is heating up… IT’s ON FIRE!

UVGC: Super Mario World

Who ever has to play as Luigi is clearly at a disadvantage. Screw Luigi.

UVGC: WWF Royal Rumble

Snap into some WWF Royal Rumble. OHH YEAHH!!!

UVGC: Street Racer

Street racing is dangerous and irresponsible – but damned if that’s going to stop the drift kings.

UVGC: Mortal Kombat II

Korner fighting, inkompetence and other words we exkhange the C’s for K’s as the UVCK hits up Mortal Kombat.

UVGC: Super Bomberman

Like Sun Tzu said, a Bomberman’s greatest enemy is himself.

UVGC: Super Mario Kart (SNES)

The second season of the Unnamed Video Game Challenge opens with some Super Mario Kart.

2DGP: WWE 2K15

Grab your feathered boa and red bandanna. It’s time for some wrastlin!

2DGP: Hyrule Warriors

Who can save us from the coming darkness? If only we had a legendary hero of time… too bad there’s no one around here like that.

2DGP: Alien Isolation

Brando and Eades duck their heads and make for the Jeffrey’s tubes, flamethrowers and beers in tow.