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TR 206 – The Keighley’s

The Game Awards are behind us and we’re completely clear and not even slightly confused on just what the hell Death Stranding actually is.
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TR 205 – The REAL 205

Video game stock is tanking, the industry is in turmoil and Assassin’s Creed Origins is pretty good.
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TR 204.5 – The Solo Show

Unless you hate yourself and your ears, you should probably just skip this.
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TR 204 – That Time EA Went Back on Their Lootboxes

The very fabric of reality has started to disintegrate as EA addresses Battlefront 2’s…issues. And while we’re talking about offensively bad games we dip into some closing thoughts on WWE 2K18.
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Talking Reckless 199 LIVE

WWE2k18 is out, Shadow of War is finally here and Battlefront 2 is on the horizon. What thing do all these games have in common? If you guessed Stormt

Talking Reckless 198 LIVE

The universe’s most Brobdingnagian podcast is back to give Canadian thanks and discuss the most controversial issues. Issues like ‘what’s up?’ with To

UVCG: Tiger-Heli (NES)

Only eleven games down… everyone loves a good comeback.

Talking Reckless 197 LIVE

A few final closing thoughts on Destiny 2 before we put it away, the difference between mist and fart clouds, the state of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite