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Talking Reckless 195 – Mario’s Angry Pepperonis

Even the Talking Reckless 2017 Game of the Year Destiny 2 can’t drown out the horrible cries of society tearing itself to pieces at the sight of Mario’s bare chest.
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Talking Reckless 194 – Destiny Two’s Day

Sometimes coming up with a different clever name and deck for a podcast each week is very difficult.
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Talking Reckless 193 – The Bacon’s Bacon

We dip into the dark world of Absolver and the way, way, way, way, way, WAY darker world of Persona 5 but still find time to remember the glorious Bacon’s bacon.
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Talking Reckless 192 – Too Sweet to be Sour

The Champ is in the house as we do a Rumble post-mortem, invent our own AOIP system and get way into Persona.
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Talking Reckless LIVE 195

The podcast intros that almost were.

UVGC: Spot

Talking Reckless proudly presents 7 Up Proudly Presents Spot.

Talking Reckless 194 LIVE

The spilliest talkers in all the land.

UVGC: Silkworm

Unnamed Challenge… Unnamed Challenge never changes.