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Talking Reckless 179 – #TEENS

Join us on an insightful journey as we dissect and analyze the questions that matter: Is the dog in the Far Cry 5 trailer Christian?. Is calling playing Prey a Let’s Prey vaguely racist? Can we #monetize these #TEENS? All these answers and more inside.
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Talking Reckless 178 – On Her Mattjesty’s Secret Service

Quake Champions, Fast and Furious (not to be confused with THE Fast and THE Furious), I Expect You to Die, Shovel Knight and Nier: Automata are all discussed on the latest episode of Matt’s Video Game Podcast.
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Talking Reckless 177 – Don’t Go Downstairs on Wednesdays

The number one in-universe Alan Wake fanfic podcast returns to discuss PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, cryptic Far Cry teasers, and why a life time of sobriety is the only real way to live.
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Talking Reckless 176 – May The Fourth???

Dawn of War III, What Remains of Edith Finch, VR Gluvs, and a complete lack of any May the fourth, fifth or sixth jokes await inside!
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New Years 2015 Live Show

It’s eleven hours long. Buckle up.

Rocket League Solo Queue – 8/3/2015

THE WIZARD tackles the bronze solo queue Rocket League league.

The XCOM Drinking Game!

Well we couldn’t fight them sober… that would have just been unfair.


Hartford has never been the same since they lost the Whalers.