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TR 213 – One More Thing I Hate About Monster Hunter (Fixed)

We just can’t seem to stop talking about Monster Hunter World, a game we both hate and can’t stop playing. We also introduce some D&D rookies to the rough and tumble City of Waterdeep, learn Super Mario Odyssey is for babies and accidentally play the wrong Wolfenstein
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TR 212 – Can’t Tell if Monster Hunter is Fun…

We’re playing video games! Games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Celeste, and Monster Hunter World. And we we’re having fun…? Right?
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TR 211 – Magic of the Sparkle Tears

It’s a race to get caught up on the five best games of last year! Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Night in the Woods, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World are all on the bill!
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TR 210 – TR Literature Club

The team has reconvened in this, the greatest year in human history, to discuss Doki Doki Literature Club, Dragon Ball Figther Z, Metal Gear Survive and whatever weird cardboard future Nintendo Labo is cooking up.
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WWE2k18 is out, Shadow of War is finally here and Battlefront 2 is on the horizon. What thing do all these games have in common? If you guessed Stormt

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UVCG: Tiger-Heli (NES)

Only eleven games down… everyone loves a good comeback.

Talking Reckless 197 LIVE

A few final closing thoughts on Destiny 2 before we put it away, the difference between mist and fart clouds, the state of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite